Sunday, June 12, 2011

Weight Loss Adventure

I'm starting an adventure as of tomorrow. I have steadily gained back the weight that I lost last year. I lost great deal of weight last year (20 lbs.) without really trying too much. I was battling some depression from what believe now to be a hormone imbalance. I found out about three months ago that I am pre-menopausal. And also I've been having a lot of foot pain from plantar fasciitis. But I have decided to quit my whining and just do something about my weight. Right now I weigh 152 lbs. And for a woman who is 49 and 5'2" that's not good. I'm going on the 3.2.1 plan from a book from Prevention magazine. The first week, I'll be in Phase 1 and eating 1500 calories. I'm going to post everything that I eat and everything that I do on my blog.
I bought my groceries for the week so I'm ready to start this adventure. I like to think of it as a challenge or adventure rather than just a diet. Because diets just don't work.

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  1. I am very proud of you Lisa! I know you will do well...TKO fat!