Thursday, June 30, 2011

Physical Therapy Week 2

About a month ago my podiatrist ordered physical therapy for my plantar fasciitis. Actually, it is a complication of the plantar fasciitis because of the way I unconsciously roll my foot to the side. His orders were 3 days per week of PT for 3 weeks. I've already completed 2 weeks and unfortunately, my foot doesn't feel any better than it did when I first went in for therapy. The therapy session begins with putting my foot into a small jacuzzi (which feels very good) and doing several exercises involving rotating my ankle in both directions in sets of ten. I do that for 12 minutes. Then after drying my foot, I sit in a chair and pick up a rubber ball with my toes and hold my foot up for a count of 5 for a total of 2 minutes. After that, I do 10 stretches against a wall by bending my left knee while stretching the other leg (my bad foot). That stretches the whole calf muscle which is attached to the fasciia. Then I sit down and draw the whole alphabet with my foot twice. After that is finished I go into another room and I lie down on a table and stretch my foot with a rolled up sheet for 5 minutes. And then comes the piece de resistance: the dreaded ice bottle! I roll my foot on a medicine bottle filled with ice for 8 minutes. By the time my timer goes off, my foot feels like a popsicle. Then last but not least, I get to lie on my tummy and just do nothing while the therapist uses ultrasound on my foot for about 5 minutes. That's really the best part. So that's how my therapy day goes. And I have 3 more sessions to go. Then I will make an appointment with my foot doctor and we'll go from there. He told me the last time that I saw him that if the therapy did not work, then he would put me in a boot to wear on my foot. I just hope that something works soon because I have been dealing with a lot of pain for several months now.

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