Friday, June 17, 2011

Going Home

I won't be able to post on here for a few days because I will be leaving for Tennessee tomorrow. I've got a lot of laundry to do and packing up for the trip. Every time we get ready to go somewhere on a long trip, my cat Kylie jumps into the suitcase like she's all ready to go with us. I'd take her with us but I know that she'd be an awful traveler. It's funny how our animals sense that we are going someplace. The one good thing about cats are that if you leave them with plenty of food and water they are fine to left alone for at least a week. Of course we're only going to be gone for four days. I'm going to see my mom who is not in the best of health and I never know which trip will be the last one that I'll see her again. So as far as my eating plan goes, I'll try to do my best but I can't be sure that I can follow it all the way. We will be packing sandwiches for us which will be cheaper and better than going to the drive through. So I'll see ya'll on Wednesday!

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