Tuesday, May 31, 2011

3 More Days

Only 3 more days and school will be out for me for the summer. I think that I am so fortunate to work in a profession where I am off on the weekends, holidays, and summer. But now I am going to have to find things for my daughter to do so she will not get so bored. Lately she has been playing on the computer a lot but I really don't want her to be on it all day. I remember when I was a kid that the only time I was in the house was for lunch, supper and bedtime. The rest of my time was spent outside playing in my backyard or with the neighbor kids. You know I probably sound like my parents. Well you know back in the day we used to......... blah.....blah......blah. Times certainly have changed. I just wonder how it will be for my daughter's kids?

Well anyway, I'll probably go to our public library this week and sign her up for their summer reading program. She loves to read and that will keep her entertained for awhile at least. And then she'll be going to a water park next weekend with the Girl Scouts. And in July she's going to Girl Scout camp for a few days. So her summer will be pretty busy.

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