Thursday, July 14, 2011

Cole Slaw

Tuesday nights menu was spaghetti with meat sauce. I love to make dishes that will stretch for a few days. In this economy you have to do whatever you can do to make ends meet. This may sound kind of strange to ya'll but this is how I grew up eating spaghetti. When I was a kid, my mom would make spaghetti using hamburger meat, bell peppers, onions, mushrooms, spaghetti sauce (sometimes it was from a jar but a lot of times she made her own sauce) and spaghetti then mixed the meat sauce together with the noodles. She never just poured the sauce on top of the noodles like you see in magazines sometimes. And then she would make green beans and cole slaw. It may sound weird but cole slaw is really good with spaghetti. And we also didn't eat garlic bread with our spaghetti either. We ate, and I know this sounds strange, crackers. Yes, that's right we ate crackers with our spaghetti. In my family when I was growing up, every meal had to have bread of some kind. If it wasn't light bread then it would be crackers. And if it wasn't bread or crackers it would be biscuits. So back to the cole slaw. I made some slaw because I ate it growing up with spaghetti and I like it. I'm the only one in my family who likes it so I only made a small amount. Here's how I make my slaw: I buy the ready made cole slaw mix because it's quicker than grating up a cabbage. And it also has carrots and other stuff in there. It just makes you job easier. I take a little bit out of the package and I chop it up real good with my Pampered Chef chopper. The mix in the package is not chopped fine enough for my taste. I probably chop up about a cup of slaw mix. Then I add about a couple of tablespoons of light mayonaise. To that I add a very small amount of yellow mustard. You don't want too much or you'll have mustard slaw. That's ok if you like the taste of mustard and if you do then by all means add some more. Then I add a package of Splenda to give it a little sweetness without adding a lot of extra calories. Add a dash of salt and pepper to your taste. Mix all of that up and you have cole slaw! I think that cole slaw is an aquired taste. You either like the stuff or you hate it. But to me it tastes great.

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  1. I was just saying I have a taste for some Spaghetti lol